If you want to lower your monthly bills, you might want to consider VoIP. If you still need the right software, here are the best 5 VoIP tools for Windows 7 that deliver excellent quality.

Best Free Anti Spam Software for Windows 7

There has never been a greater demand for free VoIP software for Windows 7, as many people ditch their traditional public switch telephones. Many companies offer free VoIP software that allows users to place calls to regular phones, making it easier than ever to place phone calls over the internet with a PC.

Skype: The Ultimate VoIP Software?

Skype is the most prevalent company offering free VoIP software for Windows 7, as it offers free video chat for users looking to talk webcam to webcam. Skype also offers full Facebook integration, SMS chat, and videoconferencing in addition to its VoIP services. All these features packed into one streamlined program make Skype a very attractive program to download. The only drawback is that users must purchase Skype credits in order to place PC to phone calls, but they have reasonable rates when calling internationally.

XLite: Clear Audio and Video

Engineered by CounterPath Solutions, XLite is a SIP based program that offers some of the features of a commercial VoIP program for free. With clear audio and video quality, a complete personal address book, and instant messaging capabilities, XLite is a great option for anyone looking for a unique free VoIP software for Windows 7. Users must set up an account with a SIP provider, such as with www.easyofficephones.com in order to begin using XLite. Most of these providers charge a small monthly subscription fee.

Google Voice For Domestic Calls

For users looking to place domestic calls, Google Voice is a great option. It is a web-based application that allows users to call anywhere in the US and Canada for free. For a small fee, users can place calls to numbers outside the free calling area. In order to receive incoming calls, users must have an existing telephone number. This restriction makes Google Voice less attractive to users looking to ditch their landline phones. Nevertheless, Google Voice is perfect for people looking to place calls for free away from home, or for customers who aren’t long distance.

3CXPhone – Easy Setup for USB + JABRA Headset

3CXPhone is free VoIP software for Windows 7 that uses VoIP or SIP providers to place calls. It offers multiple lines, easy setup, call recording capabilities, and supports USB and JABRA headsets. It works with the 3CX system as well as Asterisk and other popular VoIP providers. It installs quickly and easily, and uses MSI installation so it can be distributed freely throughout a network. 3CXPhone is also available for iPhones and Android devices, and offers the same experience with mobile devices as it does on the computer.

iCall – Make Free Calls

iCall is a great piece of software that allows users to make PC to phone calls completely free. All users need is a laptop or desktop and an internet connection to get this program up and running. Packed with features such as free voicemail and free voicemail to email, a local directory that allows users to search for local businesses and call them instantly, and improved voice quality, iCall cannot be overlooked. Installation and setup are a breeze with a wizard guiding users every step of the way, making iCall a very attractive option.

With all the free VoIP software available today, it is easy to see why more and more people are ditching their traditional phone service. Finding a free program to use is quick and simple, and allows users to begin making VoIP calls in minutes.