The IE10 still has a browsing history like any other decent browser – here’s how to delete it

Internet Explorer 10 has a new sleek and stylish interface in Windows 8 with better browsing speeds and faster loading time. As such, Microsoft has really reimagined Windows by adding new features in Internet Explorer 10.

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At times, you want to make sure that you have secured your privacy and hence do not want others to know what you have browsed. On a shared computer, it is feasible to delete the internet browsing history once you are done with surfing. In IE 10, here is how you delete the browsing history:

1. StepPress the Windows hot key to open up the Metro Start Menu in Windows 8. Now click the Internet Explorer icon as shown below:

Open Internet Explorer 10 in Metro Menu Windows 8

2. StepPress the Windows Hot Key + I to open up the right sidebar. Now click Internet Options

Windows Key + I for internet settings

3. StepA new sidebar of internet options would appear. From here you can delete the browsing history.

Delete browsing history in IE 10