Do you hang out in IRC chats a lot or you simply want to know how to delete the %AppData%\Microsoft\[random].exe, then read this guide.

App Data Microsoft Random.exe

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How to Remove

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What Is %APPDATA%/Microsoft/random.exe

.exe files are certainly the most used file types in a Windows based computer system. These files are self executable applications that need no third party application to power them. Executable files are usually what give us the real computing experience. One the contrary, these files deteriorate your computing experience to a great deal. exe files are the home to many malware and spyware that destroy your experience on computer. Here is a brief introduction to appdata microsoft random .exe.

1. Step%APPDATA%/Microsoft/random.exe is diagnosed as Win32/Boinberg. The worm is categorized to be from the IRC family that travels through instant messengers usually. The most common travel it gets is through Windows Live Messenger or removable storage devices such as USB devices.

2. Step Another way random.exe spreads is through RAR and ZIP archives. A copy of random.exe is created in the target archive.

3. StepThere are certain changes in the computer system that indicate the presence of the aforementioned worm. The presence of random.exe is first of the symptoms.

4. StepThe random.exe file also alters Windows registry system to a certain extent gettings itself registered in the registry. The string with the name and value loadexe, referring to the random.exe file is present in the registry.

5. StepAnother string with the value and referring to the same random.exe file is also present in the registry tree.

6. StepThe worm Win32/Boinberg copies itself and generates a variable file name to the %APPDATA% directory. This copy then executes and creates multiple instances within the system.

7.During this process, it injects itself to processes of Windows that are running constantly such as “winlogin”, “svchost” and “Explorer”.

8. StepThe random.exe can replicate via removable storage devices so whenever a removable storage device is attached to the system, a random.exe file and autorun.ini is created to run the application automatically replicating it on every system the removable device is connected to.

This is just a brief of what appdata microsoft random.exe does. If you wish to know more on this, you can use the form below to drop us an email.