If you want to install a 2nd Windows 7 OS on your PC, you have to backup your drivers first. A handy tool called Double Driver allows you to backup all Windows 7 drivers in one go with just a few clicks – how awesome is that?

Windows 7 Driver Backup

You open up Double Driver click on Backup and Double Driver will scan your system for drivers. It will then list all Microsoft drivers and 3rd-party drivers that YOU downloaded yourself. Obviously, you don’t have to backup Microsoft’s Windows 7 drivers because they will be installed automatically when you install Windows 7. All of the 3rd-party drivers, e.g. your graphic card or sound card drivers from NVIDIA and Creative will be auto-selected and you can create a backup with just a few clicks. Nonetheless, should you want to backup any Microsoft drivers, you can do that as well!

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Windows 7 Driver Backup Tool

You can backup the Windows 7 drivers as:

  • Structured folder
  • Compressed folder (zipped)
  • Single file self-extract (exe)

The backup process can take some time, depending on the number of drivers that you want to backup. I only wanted to backup my graphic card drivers, my printer drivers and VirtualBox drivers.

Backing Up Windows 7 Drivers

Download Double Driver

Download Double Driver