Windows 7 MAC Keyboard Mapping Do you use both, a MAC and Windows PC regularly? Ever used a MAC OS X shortcut while using a Windows PC? If this keeps bugging you, you should try out this handy tool to get the MAC keyboard mapping on Windows 7 and use all of your beloved shortcuts.

maComfort will turn the Windows key into the MAC command key, so that commands like Command + T work like a charm on Windows 7 to open a new tab in firefox.

MAC Keyboard mapping

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The MAC keyboard mapping will fully work on Windows 7, but you can also customize the keyboard mapping if you want to tweak your keyboard settings.

But maComfort will give you much more than just the MAC keyboard mapping! Additionally, you can have active corners on Windows 7, define keys to control your audio or use MAC’s QuickLook feature to preview files. A built-in skinning system allows you to create your own theme, fully customized.

Download maComfort

macomfort Keyboard mapping

You can download maComfort over at

MAC Keyboard