daisy disk If you want to get the best performance on your MAC, use the following 5 wonderful tools that will help you to speed up your Mac and or Mac notebook

Mac users who find their system running slowly can certainly perform routine maintenance to help clean up their computers, but sometimes, this maintenance isn’t enough. Any user needing additional help in speeding up their Mac and clearing up disk space should look into disk cleaning software. Take a look at the top five options to help clean up Macs.

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1 DaisyDisk


DaisyDisk is a software download that allows users to spot unusually large files or programs and remove them quickly to free more space on their disk drives. They display disk space using an interactive map, making clean up simple, even for beginners. It also performs much more quickly than the majority of its competitors. The only down side to this product is that it’s not free, costing users around $20 to download.

2 Magican


Magican is a free, downloadable system optimization program, which can help users keep their Macs running efficiently and quickly. The application is very powerful, but also very easy to use. Beginners will have no trouble running or understanding this software. Users can also customize which drives this program should scan and clean.

Cleanup time is also relatively quick and won’t slow down Macs drastically. Developers and advanced users, however, should note that this software can delete log and cache files, so it should be used carefully by users looking to keep these.

3 CleanMyMac


Costing just under $15 for a lifetime version, CleanMyMac will help optimize Mac systems while deleting old and unwanted files. This program also helps improve computer speeds by cutting unneeded apps from launching at start up. It also helps to improve computer boot time. Users should also see an increase in speed when using their Safari Internet browsers. The only real con with this product is that it doesn’t help users figure out where else they can scan to potentially recover even more disk space.

4 MacKeeper


MacKeeper is a $40 system optimization software download that comes with a free trial version. This software has a very intuitive interface that’s easy for beginners to navigate and more advanced options for more technically-inclined users. In addition to cleaning up a user’s Mac and freeing up disk space, this program also provides security and privacy features. While the benefits of this program are great, it does routinely redirect users launching Safari to their own internet website, which can be of annoyance to some users.

5 Cocktail


Retailing at $14 is Cocktail, a system utilities program that allows users to perform routine maintenance on their Macs to help improve computer speed. This program’s pilot feature also allows users to schedule regular maintenance scans and cleanup. Users unfamiliar with particular processes can find helpful tutorials in this software, with links to Wikipedia, Apple, and other confirmed Mac resources. Unfortunately, this tool does not have restoring functions, so if something is deleted in error, users cannot automatically recover their data.
All of these top Mac system optimization software choices can help Apple users keep their computers running smoothly and speedily. While most of these programs cost just under $20, users looking for more security and privacy protection may want to invest more money in an option like MacKeeper.