Google Chrome Wondering what the most popular browsers are nowadays? This is intended for beginners who are new to Windows

Now-a-days internet is indistinguishable with computer. To enjoy the enormous benefits of internet, you need a browser. There are several browsers available, but, out of those, some become popular and used widely all over the world. Some browser have some issues, but most modern browsers, with features like plug-in, extensions, flash support, tab system, private browsing etc. give you an ultimate browsing experience. Though Microsoft provides Internet explorer by default in Windows 7, but there are other quality browsers available in the market. Here top 5 Web browsers for Windows 7 are discussed.

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1 Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google chrome does it, like no one else. It’s the most used browser with really cool features. Unlike Firefox, flash support is installed in it by default. You don’t need to install flash for chrome separately.

With Google’s own applications as extensions, it gives you the coolest experience of online gaming and media streaming. It is also very fast, user friendly and loaded with many standard features. You can also use Google’s cloud print for printing or saving webpages as .pdf file.

2 Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox

It has been a decade since the first release of Firefox by Mozilla and yes, it’s still one of the most favoured browsers. Though in the past two years, lots of versions have been released, but they have minimal differences.

You can use any of the versions for your regular web browsing and of course, it’s totally free. The only problem is that, you have to install flash support separately or you will not able to view any flash contents in Mozilla Firefox. But except that, it supports all other standard features and browsing is really fast.

3 Internet Explorer 9 and Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft’s own browser Internet Explorer 9 is considered being the most secured browser among all. Microsoft has improvised the user experience of Internet Explorer 9 in all the ways, it can. Some users do not like to use IE9 as their default browser, because of its poor loading time. It is fully loaded with all features like default flash support, tab system, private browsing, extensions etc.

Another fact is that, if you are using Windows 7, without the Internet Explorer 9, you can’t even download any other browser or browse the internet initially.

4 Opera


Opera is also one of the most favoured web browsers. One of its unique features is that, here you can choose your favourite websites for tabs, where other browsers adjust the websites in the tabs according to your search and access frequency.

A faster, class browsing experience, that too with a lot of readymade options will certainly make you love this browser. The control is also very easy and user friendly.

5 Safari


Safari, being an Apple’s product maintains its reputation in technology and user experience. It has all the standard features like others have and adds some of its own. Its own creation Reading list helps you to store links and see those pages later.

Notice that, it’s different from the bookmark system and exists side by side. It has inbuilt tab for Wikipedia, Yahoo and some other popular sites.