Ever wondered how to copy all addresses of opened tabs in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer 9? If so, here are two nice extensions and one cool trick for IE9.

how to copy all urls

I regularly use Chrome, Firefox and IE9. If you open up a lot of tabs, you can either bookmark them all in Chrome or copy the addresses of the most important tabs and filter out less important tabs.

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However, in some situations you might want to copy ALL addresses with ONE click. This is possible with extensions in Chrome and Firefox and a cool trick in IE9 as well.

Copy Addresses of Tabs in Chrome

This Chrome extension allows you to copy all address. It adds a nice button to your bar like this:

get opened tabs url

Once you press it, a new form will open where you can copy all URL’s to your clipboard. Handy!

Copy Addresses of Tabs in Firefox

Head over to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/copyallurls/ and download this extension called CopyAllUrls that allows you to easily copy the URL’s of all tabs:
get opened tabs url

This extension is easy to use, no explanation needed.

Copy Addresses of Tabs in IE9

1. Step Open IE9

2. Step Click on the Gears icon (Tools) or hit Alt + X

3. Step Click on Internet Options and then on the button Use current on the General tab:

copy all currently opened urls

4. Step Select all URL’s and hit CTRL + C to copy them into your clipboard. use CTRL + V to copy them into a document