If you are stuck on “Verifying DMI Pool Data” when you boot your PC, follow this short guide to fix your problems.

What Is DMI?

DMI is abstraction layer that is between components of a system and software which is used to manage them. This tool verifies the data sent to pool and might take some time to finish, however, in some cases it might get stuck due to a recent hardware change that wasn’t compatible or a software change that caused errors to the system or hardware profile.

Solving The Issue: Fully Verify DMI Pool

Here is what we found best to solve the Verifying DMI Pool Data issue.

1. StepAs soon as your PC gets frozen at the Startup Screen with these words ‘Verifying DMI Pool Data’, Restart the system with the Windows 7 Installation disk in it.

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Windows 7 Repair Your Computer

2. StepJust below the Installation Screen, you will be provided with a ‘Repair your PC‘ option.

3. StepSelect the option to Run Command prompt from this menu and type in the command

  • bootsect.exe/mbr all’ or ‘bootsect.exe/nt60 all

4. StepEither of these commands will work for your computer depending on the processor type.

5. StepThis will replace the appropriate files that are intended for usage on WindowsXP by the file needed by Windows 7.

Still Not Solved?

This process will hopefully finish off the problems and you won’t ever see this error again at the time your system boots. In case you still experience this error after trying all this, feel free to contact us.