Ll_click System Control Panel_preview 150PxpWe previously explained how to open and use DMP debug files  – it is recommend to change the default DMP locations to avoid disk space problems

Memory Dump File contains images of different processes taking place in Windows 7. By default the Dump File size is specifically set by Windows but in case you want to change the location of where the file is saved, it is possible to do so. Here is how you can change the Default Memory Dump File Location in Windows.

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1. StepOpen up Control Panel through Run

Type control panel in Run and press Enter

2. StepClick System to open up System properties in Windows 7.

Click System in Control Panel

3. StepClick Advanced System Settings

Click Advanced System Settings

4. StepNow click Advanced tab and then click Settings as shown below:

Click Advanced and then click settings

5. StepNow select the operating system and click on any dump file as stated below. There are 3 to choose from the list. You can now make changes to the location of the dump file. By default the location shall be %SystemRoot%\MEMORY.DMPbut you can make changes like this C:\Windows\Users\Public\MEMORY.DMP

Change location of Dump File