If you want to record your latest highscores you need a reliable recording program. We reviewed 5 free and paid programs that allow you to smoothly record everything on your desktop

There are hundreds of video recording programs out there, and it can be difficult for video game players to know which software is best for their recoding needs. Some software is geared more towards capturing high quality graphics, while others are more simplistic and easy for basic gamers to utilize. Below, gamers can find a list of the top names in video game recording software, ranging from free, inexpensive, and pricier options.

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1) The Obvious Choice: Fraps


Fraps has also been a popular choice for gamers looking to record video games. It’s arguably the easiest software for all types of gamers to use and is fairly inexpensive at $37. It offers an array of editing features, as well as customization options, such as setting hot keys. The only drawback about Fraps is the large amount of space videos take up when compared to competitors’ saved files.

2) Camtasia Studio – PC and MAC


Camtasia offers both PC and MAC compatible programs for recording video game play. It’s one of the highest priced video game recording programs at $95 for the full software. It has simple and easy to use capture functions and has a much more professional looking result than basic recording software. Gamers looking for a high quality capture system should invest in Camtasia. On the downside, Camtasia is quite expensive when compared to other programs and lacks strong help and support features.

3) Cheap Alternative: Game Cam


Kaspersky’s Total SGame Cam costs around $30 and is a very solid basic recording program that can be used easily to record video game action. Game Cam allows users to create hot keys and is extremely easy to navigate and set up. This software can also take screen captures, if needed. This software, however, is not quite as advanced as others. While the display is quite good, users looking for more editing and customization features might not be pleased with this program.

4) Free To Go: WeGame


This game recoding software can be downloaded for free. Users must create a WeGame account in order to access their free download. This program is fast and simple to use and also offers hot key options. Screen captures are also available with WeGame. Video game recordings can also be automatically published to the web. Since this software is free, the playback isn’t the highest quality, but it is one of the best alternatives to paid recording software.

5) Slightly More Expensive: Bandicam


At $39, Bandicam is another top contender for video game recording. Bandicam has a very simple interface, making it easy to use and record. Bandicam allows users to customize various video settings without causing games to lag. It also lets users reduce file sizes to make uploading to the web faster. On the downside, many versions come with bloatware (which can be easily deleted) and can noticeably slow down a computer’s overall performance.

Any gamer looking for video game software can use any of the above top competitors’ programs. Each program varies in usability, customization features, price, and resolution. The gamer’s use for the finished video will dictate which software will be the best fit.