Our backup software giveaway was a huge success. Everyone was satisfied with the backup software and has many good things to report about HandyBackup. Here are 4 reviews.

Handy Backup Solution for Windows 7

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Handy Backup Review 1

Reviewer: Simon
Software: HandyBackup Standard 6.6

I find handy backup useful, mainly because of incremental backup option.  I don’t backup huge amounts of data, but without a proper backup tool a copy of 8000 files (1,5GB) each week would be a tedious and time consuming task. Handy Backup is intuitive and easy to use. Its wizard makes the task creation a piece of cake.

With just few clicks one is able backup most crucial folders like the desktop, favorites, my documents, and outlook data file, but of course any other drive or folder can be added to the task as well. There’s even a quick option to back up the whole registry, with one minor drawback: each of the classes has to be selected individually.

I backup all data to another workstation within LAN, but there are other options as well: USB, HDD, DVD or Blue Ray and FTP. I believe that SFTP is not available in the standard version. One of the biggest flaws of this software worth mentioning, is that whenever you change the tasks property, all backed up files are ignored and the backup process starts all over again. So be careful when you want to make changes to a task including 500GB of data!

Considering all the additional options like scheduling, differential backup, backup with timestamps, compression and encryption, I will say that it’s a robust tool for home users.

Handy Backup Review 2

Reviewer: Mohar S.
Software: HandyBackup Standard 6.6

The program is awesome, considering its ease of use and hassle-free backup solution that it offers. I use it on a regular basis and I must say I am very, very impressed.

Handy Backup Review 3

Reviewer: Brendan M.
Software: HandyBackup Standard 6.6

At first glance i thought that this program may be a little difficult for the majority of beginner PC users but once i was able to get into installing this new featured program it was actually quite simple. I found that this program is best for an averaged knowledge PC user and does so what it says that it does…

I even found that after 4 days of receiving Handy Backup Standard i had a Complete Virus Shutdown, and when i rebooted my PC installed the latest Anti-Virus software and did a clean up of my PC everything was still on my Ex. HD!

Pros: Easy to use, Does what it says, Compatible with Windows XP, Vista & 7 and you can backup your entire system, or just certain types of files (music, email, photos).

Cons: Helpful to have an External Hard Drive on hand and it does take a little while to backup to a USB.

Handy Backup Review 4

Reviewer: Prashant M.

Software: HandyBackup Standard 6.6

The software is great, and I am sure I’m going to use it for quite
some time to come. Here’s what I felt:
1. StepThe UI is very neat & clean, very simple.

2. StepThe task setup wizard is excellent, and very easy to understand.
The “expert” mode takes care of issues such as include & exclude masks
for the backup/restore/synchronize operation

3. Step To my surprise, handybackup offers not only incremental backup, but
differential backup too! All you have to do is to configure the task

4. StepThere is a scheduling agent which runs in the background, and will
backup your data – to a hard drive/network resource/usb drive etc.
Very useful.

5. Step Handybackup as such seems very lightweight, and I did not see any
impact on system performance (I’m on AMD Athlon 64 X2, 4GB RAM)
running Windows 7 Home Premium

6. Step What’s more, handybackup also offers web-based control of the
software (although this is something I’ll never try)

Overall, it’s great software, and I have only 1 qualm – I can’t use it
to synchronize my home laptop with my office desktop via a flash
drive. But that’s a very small thing, for which sourceforge has enough

All said and done, I would give a definite hands-up to Handybackup,
it’s very much recommended.