Ever wondered if it’s possible to change the Windows 7 folder color? Well, I did, so I went out and searched for a tool that can change the folder color. If you want some more color in your life, this is for you! Colors can help you to organize stuff a lot easier and increase your productivity.

Change Windows 7 Folder Colors

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The tools that allows you to change your folder colors in Windows XP, Vista and 7 is Rainbow Folders. It’s a great little utility that gets the job done. You can change the folder color to whatever you want by changing Hue and Saturation.

Windows 7 Rainbow Folders

The program has some flaws, but overall it’s the best solution out there to change the folder colors! (If you try to change the folder icons too many times it will simply not work. The solution is to restart the tool and then try again.)

New Folder Icons & Colors

You can choose from 3 folder icons and change the color of the folder to whatever you want:

Classic (9x)
Classic Folder Icons

Typical (XP)
Typical Folder Icons

Modern (Vista/7)
Modern Folder Icons

I agree with you, the icons are not that pretty, but the classic folder icon is good.

Create Folder Color Scheme (Organize yourself!)

Rainbow Folders allows you to create your own color scheme that will help you to organize files quickly. You could for example do it like that:

Change Windows 7  Folder Colors

All applications folders red, all documents blue, all downloads green, all games orange and all videos cyan. The randomize button will help you to generate colors if you have more categories.

Download Rainbow Folders

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Supports Windows 7, XP and Vista.