You should not only create a backup of your most important files, using backup software like GFI or Cobian 10, you should also backup and copy your computer and video games.

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Game Copy Wizard Review

DVD lifespan 2 years?
Creating a backup copy of your games is perfectly legal. DVD’s and CD’s age don’t have a great lifespan. Some experts say that cheap DVD-R’s only have a lifespan of 2 years. Well, computer games should have a little longer lifespan if they are burned on reliable DVD’s/CD’s, but I would create a backup copy just to be save if you want to enjoy some of your old games in 10 years, e.g. Diablo 2 ;)

So, how to copy computer games?
One of the most popular software to copy computer games is Game Copy Wizard. The GCW can copy nearly all types of computer and video games, be it XBOX360, Wii, PS2, PS3, Gamecube or Dreamcast games. Of course all games come with copy protection nowadays. However, Game Copy Wizard is pretty good at coping with it and copying games simply 1:1. The technology behind is quite complex, so I won’t go into that (you’ll find more infos about it on their site).

Easy to use
Overall, the software is easy to use and copying computer games becomes totally hassle-free, even for beginners.

What games can I copy?
As mentioned, you can copy the following games:

  • Copy PS3 games
  • Copy PS2 games
  • Copy Wii games
  • Copy XBOX360 games
  • Copy PC games
  • Copy Gamecube games
  • Copy Game Boy/GameBoy Advanced games
  • Copy Nintendo DS games

How long does it take to create a backup of your games?
When I tried the software, it took 6-7 minutes per copy on average.

Limited time offer:
They are currently offering Game Copy Wizard at a discounted price. The price is normally $50, but you can get a copy of it for only $29,99.

Why should I buy Game Copy Wizard?
It’s a clever investment. Any smart buyer will see that you can easily save more than 30 bucks (the discounted price they’re currently selling it for) if you buy the software.

You can share games with friends and family, so that they don’t have to buy the game and you can keep your original game CD. Sharing games with your friends/family is allowed, so you can save a lot of money and time right there if you don’t have to keep bugging your friends for getting that game back.