Copy System Binkw32 DLL files can become corrupt or not get transferred, then it is likely that you’ll get a DLL error such as “missing binkw32.dll”, but often they are easy to fix

7 Different Reasons for Binkw32.dll Errors And How To Fix Them!

Binkw32.dll is one of the important Windows 7 system files which helps different programs to run smoothly on the operating system. However, at times it might get damaged or corrupted. A missing binkw32.dll error message will appear when playing any PC game that utilizes the Bink Video codec.

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  • Gamer? Some popular games that may give you the “binkw32.dll error” are Age of Conan, Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 1942, Hitman: Blood Money, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Tomb Raider: Legend, and many more.

To replace a missing binkw32.dll and fix any errors, follow the steps below

Restart, Re-Install The Game, Apply Patches

1. Step Sometimes all you have to do is to restart Windows 7 and it might fix this error. Close the game that generated the binkw32.dll error, restart your Windows 7/8 PC and reopen the game program.

restart Win 7 binkw32

2. Step If you still get the “missing binkw32 error” then re-installing the game might fix the issue. The binkw32.dll is a codec that is required to play certain cut-scenes or videos when launching the game, re-installing the game is likely to resolve the error!

Even if you are not asked to restart after the re-installation of the game, restart your PC after the uninstalling the game. Restarting your PC will also ensure that all caches are cleared and the re-installation is 100% complete.

restart binkw32

3. Step If the error is still not fixed then you might need to download latest update to the game. Visit the official game website and download the patch or latest service pack or any other update for that particular game. In many cases, the missing blinkw32.dll error is corrected after a game update.

patch binkw32

4. Step¬†Eventually, check whether the binkw32.dll is actually present in the game’s root directory or not. If it is not, then copy the binkw32.dll file from your system directory (games usually have a system dir as well, often called system, bin or lib. If all are present check all directories) to the root directory of your game. In some case, the binkw32.dll file is simply placed in the wrong directory when the game is installed.

  • Example: If the game is installed in C:\Program Files\Game, then copy the binkw32.dll from C:\Program Files\Game\System folder to the game’s root folder at C:\Program Files\Game.

copy binkw32

5. Step If the error is still not fixed then check if there are any unofficial game patches that may fix the error, often the modding community is very helpful

Copy binkw32.dll To System32 folder

6. Step For some people the following has done the trick. Copy the binkw32.dll file from your game installation folder to your Windows 7 System directory i.e. C:\Windows\system32 folder.

copy system binkw32

Running an illegal game or outdated graphic card? Spend some money!

7. Step If the error is still not fixed then you might be using a pirated copy (shame on you!). In some cases “missing binkw32.dll” and related errors appear when you run an illegal version of a game. If this is the case then you will have to purchase the game and try again.

install original game binkw32

8. Step If the error is still not fixed then upgrade / update your graphic/ video card. Although it is not so common, in some cases updating the graphic card could resolve the missing binkw32.dll error. Also, make sure you visit the official game website and find out what the minimum video card requirements are for the game you’re trying to play. Make sure your graphic card meets the minimum system requirements!

To update / upgrade, open Control Panel\System and Security\System and click on the Device Manager. Under Display adapters, right click on your graphic card and select Update drivers software. Done everything above and still couldn’t fix the missing brinkw32.dll error? Post a comment below and let us know the exact error message you get

update graphic binkw32


There can be different reasons why the “missing binkw32.dll error” would show up on your system. Some common variations of the error are –

Missing BINKW32.DLL" or "Binkw32.dll Not Found" or "Cannot find binkw32.dll!"

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