Windows 7 Border Padding Do you want to reduce the Windows 7 border padding so that it’s thin and more elegant? That’s pretty easy. You can define a border padding in Pixel, but the default is set to 4px, that’s why the default Windows 7 border padding is so large.

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Default Border Padding

By default the border padding in Windows 7 looks like this:
Windows 7 Border Padding Large

Thin Border Padding

That’s not very beautiful, so we want to make it a lot thinner. Let’s get to it:

1. Step Right-click on your desktop and click on “Personalize”

2. Step At the bottom click on “Window Color”:

Windows 7 Window Color
Window Color

3. Step At the bottom click on the link “Advanced Appearance Settings

Windows 7 Advanced Appearance Settings
Advanced Appearance Settings

4. StepNow, from the dropdown select “Border Padding” and change the size to “1”:

Change Windows 7 Border Padding
Border Padding Size

VoilĂ , you just changed the border padding in Windows 7. If you want to completely remove the border, you’ll need to apply a 3rd-party theme, but a 1px value should be ok for now.