Do you want to backup your entire software? Have you considered a drive cloning software? Here are the 4 best cloning tools for Windows 7!
Best cloning software for Windows 7

Backup software generally works in either of two ways, cloning or compressing. Compressing the data saves space, but cloning generally provides a better backup. The best cloning software for Windows 7 depends primarily on each individual’s needs. There is software for personal use and business use, software for computers and servers, and software with a price tag or without.

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1. Windows 7 Cloning Software from Paragon

Paragon Drive Copy 11 makes migrating easy. It creates a virtual clone of the entire computer, including the operating system, drives, settings, applications, and files, and saves it to a USB external storage device. The storage device can then be connected to any computer and worked off of. Paragon Drive Backup 10 Professional can clone the hard drive to a virtual drive, a portable drive, or even a Blu-ray disc. The program also features a number of wizards that make backing up and partitioning a quick and easy job.

2. Acronis True Image Home

Geeks across the internet claim that Acronis True Image Home is one of the best cloning programs available. The program backs up the PC, OS, and data, and also performs many privacy, security and maintenance duties. However, not all of the customer reviews are positive and many users complain that the program corrupts drives and data. Additionally, a couple of the cons involve an overly complicated workflow and difficult to use interface. Once understood though, users shouldn’t have any problems.

3. FarStone Total Recovery Pro & FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server

The FarStone Total Recovery Pro is a program intended for business computers. The program is automated and can backup photos, emails, music and Windows. It works in the background without disrupting the rest of the computer’s functions and provides continuous, real-time protection. FarStone Total Backup Recovery Server protects against server disaster. Features include a scheduler, incremental image backup, complete system backup, file and folder backup, and unique snapshot recovery.

4. EASEUS Disk Copy

One of the biggest benefits of EASEUS Disk Copy is its price tag, or lack thereof, as the program is completely free. The software also features sector to sector copying to ensure that the original and the copy are completely identical. It creates a data clone or copy, compatible with all hard drives, which is ideal for upgrading a disk or backing up data. The program can be used with hard disks up to one terabyte and supports SATAI, SATAII, Fire wire, and USB. The newest version, version 2.3.1, has built-in burning software and a user friendly interface.


Clonezilla is a completely free piece of software that does disk cloning, disk imaging, and deployment solution. Clonezilla Live is used to clone a single computer, whereas Clonezilla Server Edition (SE) is ideal for cloning multiple computers across a network. Clonezilla Live can be run from a DVD, a CD, or a USB flash drive, and it can be used to clone the entire computer or just one partition. Clonezilla SE requires a DRBL server and can be used to clone more than 40 computers at once.

The best cloning software for Windows 7 is one which gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and for the best price. First and foremost, this means that it must be a program that you are comfortable using. Some programs, such as Clonezilla, are geared towards people with a lot of computer experience. For novices, programs which are easier to use and have friendlier UI, such as EASEUS Disk Copy, may be the best cloning software for Windows 7.