Installing certificates in Windows 7 is not difficult, here’s how.

Install Certificates

Installing Certificates in Windows 7

Certificates are used for secure information (such as passwords, credit cards numbers ,etc) transaction over the internet. By default your Internet Browser already keeps a number of root certificates from trusted Certificate Authorities ( Thawte, GeoTrust, Verisign, GlobalSign, etc). To Install/Import a Certificate, first you need to download a certificate from the Certificate Authority website. I am downloading it from

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Step by step procedure

It is worth to check the site you purchased the cert from for additional instructions

1. Step Go to Download Root Certificates – GeoTrust.

Download Page

2. Step Select the appropriate certificate, right click on it and click Save Target As.

Download Link

3. Step Save the File with .cer extension.

Save Certificate

4. Step Now browse to the directory where you downloaded the certificate, right click and select Install Certficate.

Open certificate file

5. Step Click Open on the Security Warning Dialog Box.

Warning dialog box

6. Step The Certificate Import Wizard will open, click next to continue.

Power Menu

7. Step In the Certificate Store, select Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate option. Click Next.

Certificate store

8. Step It will display summary of the certificate. Click Finish to Import the Certificate.

Certificate Import Wizard

9. Step A message box comes up to show success. Click ok to continue.

Success Message


Certificates are important when providing sensitive information over the internet. When you provide password, or credit card number, make sure that the communication is encrypted. Make sure the URL in address bar converts from http:// to httpS:// when you click login after entering your password. Be Safe!