Avs Dvd Authoring_thumb DVD authoring or Blu-Ray authoring is rather easy to do with the following 5 tools – it’s a simple MPEG encoding.

DVD authoring, or creating a DVD video capable of being played on a DVD player, is becoming more and more popular in this age of increasing technology. In order to author a DVD, users first must find a DVD authoring software program that can assist them in this process. These top five DVD authoring programs can give interested users a look at the many features the best products possess.

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1 DVD Movie Factory Pro

Dvd Movie Factory Pro 7.Jpg

DVD Movie Factory Pro, retailing at $50, makes it simple for users to import video footage directly from a camcorder, DVD, hard driver, or TV tuner. This software also comes with customizable menu creation tools, to help users create main menus, chapters, upload background music, and create clickable thumbnails. There are also preinstalled templates users can choose from, complete with automatic chaptering features. Scenes can also be cut and text can be added. Despite its perks, this program uses a lot of memory to operate and can have slow response time.

2 Sony DVD Architect Studio

Sony Dvd Architect Studio

Costing $40, Sony’s DVD Architect Studio is another top option for DVD authoring. This program has versatile menu creation options and themes that are quick and easy to apply to DVDs. It also comes with a great help and support system, with tutorials to assist users along the way. These come in handy, because, for beginners especially, this program has a steep learning curve. It also does not allow users to import video from sources other than the computer. So, files must be installed on a computer before using this software.

3 Roxio MyDVD

Roxio Mydvd

MyDVD is a $70 DVD authoring program that includes additional features such as DVD copying, photo enhancing, media management, and more. The DVD authoring software can also be opened in a full, extensive version, or condensed into a small, express version. This program offers menu customization, with some templates, and produces a decent quality DVD. On the downside, this program takes up 1GB of space, and will dramatically slow down computer speed. It also has less options and quality output than other competitors.

4 Wombie Easy DVD


Wombie’s $50 DVD authoring software allows users to customize menus with pictures and video. It’s very much a streamlined authoring system that helps beginners quickly get through the DVD customization and burning process with ease. The output quality is also very good. Users wishing to customize more might want to find a different program. Aside from a few menu options, this software doesn’t offer many customization options. More advanced users may also grow frustrated with this program’s simplicity.

5 AVS DVD Authoring

Avs Dvd Authoring

This DVD authoring program, costing approximately $40, is an easy to use DVD making program that users are guided through with help of a wizard. Menu options have more customizations opportunities than other DVD authoring software, including rearranging buttons and links. The DVD output for this program is also one of the best quality DVDs out of all of the top programs. On the downside, this program is missing features like slideshow creation capability and does not play DVDs, preventing preview functionality.

All of these DVD authoring programs can help users easily create and author DVDs of their own. Some allow users to upload straight from their camcorder and others allow full menu customization options. Different levels of DVD quality output can also be found across these three programs.