Rapidshare have changed their business model. You still have to buy premium accounts, but you also have to buy traffic now with so called Rapids. Luckily, our free rapidshare premium account generator is back in action!

Rapidshare Premium

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Our premium link generator 2.0 will allow you to download from a RapidShare Premium “RapidPro” account. We have filled one account with tons of Rapids – just for you!

Download from RS Premium Accountl

So, head over to rapidshare-premium-link-generator.com and enjoy the free downloads at premium speed. Don’t know how it works? Simply copy and past a rapidshare link like rapidshare.com/files/… into the little link form with the label “Insert Link here” and click the button. After generating the premium link for you, you can download at 1-2MB per second depending on your internet connection.

Post a link on your blog or your favorite forums and we can keep the service free for much longer!