Dropbox is more than a great cloud storage solution – it makes sharing files quickly with others easy too!Here’s how to get started.

Using Dropbox To Share Files

Dropbox is a useful file sharing program that we can use not only for synchronized information between our own different devices but also for sharing documents or any files with people who work in similiar projects or group members.

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When you add a file to a shared folder in Dropbox that file will be immediately available in the Dropbox of the people with whom is shared that folder, and any of them can modify it or delete it as you.

Here are the steps for sharing a folder using Dropbox.


Sign in on your Dropbox account online.


If you already have it installed on your computer you can simply access the main folder.


If the folder that you want to share it not exist yet go to the file list and click the “New folder” button on the top of the screen. The folder will be created and you only need to name it and add the files that you want in it. If the folder that you want to share does exist go to the file list, select the folder that you want to share and click the “Invite to folder” button located on the taskbar above.


If the folder that you want to share is already a shared folder once you select it will appear the option “Shared folder options” on the taskbar above. Click it, and remember: for selecting a folder in the Dropbox account just click only on the blank space at the right of the folder’s name. If you click onto the name the folder will open and that’s not what we need now.


In all cases a window will appear where we will be asked to insert the e-mail addresses of the people with we want to share the files.


You can add a personal message to them, or you can just send the invitation with the default message of the program. Click “Done” and that’s all! You are now sharing the folders that you’ve selected with the people you’ve chosen.