Windows_Movie1 Want to edit your movies on Windows 8? Aside from a good CPU you will need some good tools like Virtual Dub or Sony

Whether you want to run a vlog, show off your kids’ talent show videos, or create a short film masterpiece for the internet to enjoy, video content is a part of many people’s online worlds. For those who have recently made the switch to Windows 8, there are many possibilities for your video editing needs.

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1) Our Top Pick: Sony Vegas Pro 12


Anyone who has to do professional quality editing jobs will be happy to know that they can continue using Sony Vegas. While the Pro 11 version is mostly compatible with Windows 8, the Pro 12 version was designed with Windows 8 in mind. It’s still early for this program, and some of the bugs are being worked out.

Mainly, users have issues with outmoded drivers causing conflicts, but this is easily remedied by updating your drivers. Many have been pleased with Pro 12’s performance on the new OS, and there have been surprisingly few snags.

2) Windows Movie Maker


If you’ve tried Movie Maker in the past but weren’t thrilled with it, you’ll be excited to know that the Windows 8 version has come with some tweaks to increase the stability of the program.

The functionality is largely the same, though the UI has seen an update and, like the rest of Windows 8, runs faster and smoother. The program is available for free through Microsoft’s website.

3) Virtual Dub

Virtual _Dub1

This program works primarily with .AVI files, but it does so quite capably. The learning curve is only a little hurdle, and the rendering times are comparably fast. Being able to change things like bit rate and frames per second is a huge plus for some. Considering how easy it is to find a video converter, the .AVI files may not be an issue. Those who don’t want to download a separate program may consider it a deal breaker, though.

4) Lightworks


For those who enjoy supporting small developers, the open source program Lightworks is available and it is supported by Windows 8. However, while the beta version of the program is free, it’s still in development, so beware of bugs. Helping the developers to work out the problems is a great way to become a part of a thriving online community. When the project finalizes, you will have had a say in creating a powerful and versatile video editing tool.

5) Adobe Premier Elements 11


Adobe users who don’t want to shell out for a full video suite will be happy to know that they can continue using their favorite programs. While all versions of Adobe products which were compatible with Windows 7 should continue to work with Windows 8, the 11th installment in this series of software has been definitively proven as Windows 8 friendly. If you already own a copy of Premier, upgrading through Adobe’s online store is cheaper than buying the program outright.

Windows 8 is perfectly fine for editing video, and there are plenty of options available to both the hobbyist and the pro editor. As is usually the case with video editing software, your choices are largely dictated by the amount of money you’re willing to spend.