deleting ghost files
Ghost files in Windows 7 can be pretty annoying – here’s how you delete them

Delete ghost files in Windows 7

When a file cannot be deleted by simply pressing delete button on the keyboard, it is either a protected/ system file or a ghost file. When you try to delete a ghost file, you get an error message. The reasons behind ghost files are usually ‘system corruption’, ‘file locked by the system’ or some ‘virus’. If you come across any ghost file, the first thing you can do is trying repairing system file structure. The MoveOnBoot utility come handy in this situation. Download and install the utility from here.

Step by step procedure

1. Step Launch the MoveOnBoot utility from the Start Menu, a window will appear giving an intro of the utility, click next to continue.

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2. Step Next you have to select the ghost file you which to delete. Click Next to continue.

select ghost file

3. Step The next window will ask you to select the action you want to perform on the selected file. I selected Delete File. Click Next to continue.


4. Step It will display a message that the operation will be carried out on the next system reboot. Click finish.



The utility mentioned in this tutorial is just fit for the job. To find and delete ghost files on your Pc other softwares can be employed like CCleaner, Cleanup, Windows Washer, etc.