A lot of computer programs require your clocks to be correctly synchronized for all sorts functions that rely on timestamps. Let’s take a quick look at how you can synchronize clocks in Windows 10 now that the interface has changed slightly.

Using The Date And Time Control Panel

Windows 10 features a very wide search bar very prominently. All Windows settings can be accessed directly via the search bar.

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1. Step Enter date into the search bar and make sure the home icon is selected to perform the correct search:

2. Step Open the Date and Time Control Panel

3. Step In order to sync the time with a proper time server, go to Internet time and click the button Change settings:

4. Step You can now sync the time using the Update Now button:

5. Step That should be it. A message should appear that says the clock was successfully synchronized. If it doesn’t appear, make sure there is no firewall blocked and your NAT routing is not somehow messing up the synchronization process although this should be a rare occurrence.

If you still have trouble synchronizing the time, open an elevated command prompt and proceed below

Syncing Time via Command Prompt

Sometimes the graphical interface is not sufficient for your purposes, for example if you want to change between different timezones (for whatever reasons) and then sync with a time server for that specific zone. In that case you can issue the following command via cmd:

w32tm /resync

You can use this in batch files or Powershell scripts to program something fancy for whatever you’re doing.

Happy scripting.