preview - how to convert pdf to jpg Want to convert PDF files to JPG files? Use the freeware GIMP!

Software: Gimp

You can easily convert your pdf file to jpg (image) format. To do this, you need to install opensource software called ‘GIMP’. You can download the software from or from their website

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Steps to convert PDF to JPG files

1. Step After downloading GIMP software, open it by clicking Start >> All Programs

step-1-how to convert pdf to jpg

2. Step Then click GIMP >> GIMP 2

step-2-how to convert pdf to jpg

3. Step Then the GIMP 2 software starts.

step-3-how to convert pdf to jpg

4. Step In the GIMP 2 software, click File >> Open to open pdf file.

step-4-how to convert pdf to jpg

5. Step A open dialog box opens. Locate the pdf file in your computer which you want to change to jpg. Click to select the file and click Open

step-5-how to convert pdf to jpg

6. Step Another ‘Import from PDF’ window opens, Select the page by clicking on it, then specify width, height will be automatically set proportionally. This will be the size of your image. Finally click import.

step-6-how to convert pdf to jpg

7. Step Click File >> Save or Save As.

step-7-how to convert pdf to jpg

8. Step In the opened ‘Save Image’ window, give your image file name, expand ‘Select File Type (JPEG image) by clicking on + icon on its front and select JPEG image from the list box. Then finally click ‘Save’.

step-8-how to convert pdf to jpg

9. Step Finally in the opened another window, increase quality to 100 if you want your image to look good and click Save

step-9-how to convert pdf to jpg

10. Step Lastly, you will see the jpg file to the location you have saved.

step-10-how to convert pdf to jpg


Sometimes you might need to change your pdf file to jpg. Follow the tutorials provided over here to easily change your pdf to jpg.