EASEUS provides some of the best Windows 7 partition software. If you only want to shrink a partition, you can do that using some of the Windows 7 tools.
EASEUS Windows 7 Partition Software

Partitioning a hard drive involves separating it into various parts, or drives. Most computers already have partitions when they are purchased from the store, but the best partition software for Windows 7 gives users the ability to create their own partitions and manage preexisting ones. Partition software for Windows 7 helps users limit potential damage to their data and it will also increase the computer’s security and speed.

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Tip: You can use built-in tools to shrink a partition in Windows 7

Choosing Partition Software for Windows 7

Most partition programs allow users to create, merge, delete, and manage partitions. A good program however, will do all of the above without losing any data. Of course, the best way to ensure the safety of any digital information is to create a backup of it. As a result, the best partition software for Windows 7 not only manages partitions, it also backs them up. When or if the back ups are needed, the program should be able to restore the partition to its original state quickly and painlessly.

EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition

The EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition has three main features: the Partition Manager, the Disk and Partition Copy, and the Partition Recovery Wizard. The software allows users to do just about anything with partitions. Partitions can be resized, moved, converted, created and formatted. The only downside to the EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition is that it does not have the most attractive user interface. The older versions of the program have a UI based on Windows XP and the newest version’s UI has been upgraded to closely mirror Windows 7.

EASEUS Partition Master Professional

EASEUS Partition Master Professional boasts all the features of the home edition, with a few extras thrown in. Both the home and professional editions can extend NTFS disk partitions without requiring the computer to be rebooted. The EASEUS Partition Master Professional allows users to convert dynamic disks to basic disks without any loss of data. Data from one partition or drive can easily be moved to a new partition. In addition, the software can rebuild a damaged Master Boot Record, and it can also create a WinPE bootable recovery DVD or CD.

Partition Wizard Home Edition

Like most partition software, Partition Wizard Home Edition can hide, convert, copy, resize, format, delete and create partitions. It can also change drive letters and perform maintenance duties and critical tests. Partition Wizard is exceptionally good at creating a partition using removable storage devices like thumb drives or memory cards. The software features an Operations Pending window, which allows users to apply or undo recent actions. Another nice feature is a wizards menu, which lists the many available wizards in one convenient place. All in all, this is a great option for anyone looking for the best partition software for Windows 7.

Paragon Partition Manager Free Edition

The Paragon Partition Manager consists primarily of a variety of wizards. The Create, Format, Resize and Delete wizards do exactly what their names imply. Paragon Powershield technology ensures data consistency and Paragon Hot Resize allows users to resize partitions without rebooting their computers. In addition, Paragon Partition Manager provides much more information and many more details about the disk and partitions than the typical program does. The software is also capable of creating bootable disks.

Windows 7 allows users to do some basic partitioning on their own, but anyone who wants to do more than the most basic of actions needs to download software of some sort. Some of the best partition software for Windows 7 are free to download and use. Other packages come with a price tag, but they generally have a variety of extra features as well.