In Windows 8 you don’t have to enable the old Windows 7 start menu to quickly access many of the system properties, you can create shortcuts to many of the executables.

Shortcuts to quickly access Windows 8 system and control properties

Quickly Launch via Run Console, CMD or Shortcuts

1. Step Hit Windows key + R to open the run console and enter the .exe filenames below or ..

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2. Step Open a command prompt to run the commands below

  • Performance: SystemPropertiesPerformance.exe
  • Remote access: SystemPropertiesRemote.exe
  • Computer name: SystemPropertiesComputerName.exe
  • System protection: SystemPropertiesProtection.exe
  • Advanced system properties: SystemPropertiesAdvanced.exe

You can simply create shortcuts to all of the .exe files that are stored in system32.

Create Shortcuts To System Settings

Windows 8 Create Shortcut

1. Step Right-click on the Windows 8 desktop, click on on New – Shortcut
2. Step Enter %windir%\system32\System to get a list with other System related .executable files

Other useful executables like systemcpl.cll, systeminfo.exe can also be added.