Another popular question that I got is “How to open ISO files in Windows 7”. Well, it’s not too difficult to open ISO files and there are probably thousands of tools that could help you to open ISO files. One of the tools, I would recommend is 7-zip:

How to open ISO files in Windows 7

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ISO files can be opened by many programs including 7zip. However, sometimes you actually need to to mount an ISO to install programs from the ISO file. You should use something like DaemonTools or VirtualCloneDrive which you can download at

Opening ISO via 7Zip

So, you got an ISO file, but you don’t want to burn in on a CD or DVD? I assume you want to open the ISO file to extract the contents and launch whatever is inside.

7zip, one of our TOP10 Windows 7 Apps is an awesome tool that can open ISO files and loads of other file formats! It’s also a great file browser! So, download and install 7zip, open it and locate the ISO file on your drive:

Open ISO file in Windows 7

You can then open the ISO file:

Open ISO file

Hold On .. did you forget something?

Before you extract any files of that ISO, keep in mind that a lot of DVD’s are protected and won’t run without mounting the ISO file.

Other tools that can open ISO files and support Windows 7: WinRAR, MagicISO, DaemonTools, Undisker

Mounting The ISO File

Alright, you extracted the files and it doesn’t work? Hold on, simply mount the ISO – go through the guide and you should be set