Mybook Live Duo Login Thumb I have a NAS called “my book live duo” that I wanted to hide from my network so it could be used for backups, but how do you hide a NAS or network device?

Access Drive Via Putty

If the network device you own allows you to access it via shell, then it’s quite simple to hide it

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1. Step Download putty from here

2. Step When done, open putty.exe

3. Step Now click on the arrow in your system tray and check if WD Quick View is active (little blue head icon) – if it’s not you need to install the software that is stored on your WD My Book Live Duo

4. Step Right-click on WD Quick View, select your device and click on Dashboard

Open Mybookliveduo Dashboard

5. Step At the top you should now see something like

You can log into this dashboard with the username “admin” and password “admin”. From here you can change the name of the network drive and create “shares” – shares are folders that contain your files. You should create one share for every filetype e.g. one for Videos, one for Documents, one for Backups, one share for iTunes and so on. Do all of that and then RESTART your network device using the interface

Mybook Live Duo Login

6. Step Remember the IP address e.g.

7. Step Open Putty.exe again and now at the top enter into the field “Host Name” the IP e.g.

8. Step Enter a “Saved Sessions” name

9. Step Next, click on Save to store the session and then on Open

Opening Ssh Live Book Duo

10. Step When prompted for “login as:” enter root as the username and the password is welc0me with a zero. Do not enter any quotes

You will see this:

Linux Cloudbackup 2 6.Jpg

Modifying Samba Config File

11. Now enter pico /etc/samba/smb.conf

12. Right below “server string” should be an empty line. Enter browseable = no on a new line

Make Network Device Unbrowsable Hide It

13. Hit CTRL + O to save and hide your network device (making it unbrowsable), then hit CTRL + X to exit

Ok, what’ve done now is to change the samba configuration of the Linux supported NAS drive. You can no longer see the share when accessing the NAS drive. HOWEVER, if you know the name of the device you can simply access the NAS drive like this

1. Step Open the Windows Explorer

2. Step Into the address bar enter \\CLOUDBACKUP\\share ((where CLOUDBACKUP is the name of your NAS device and share the name of your folder or share that you created in step 5

Do you still have questions? Let us know below

Addition By Readers

1. Step Enter pico /etc/samba/overall_share

2. Step Modify browseable = yes