(Guest Post) Creating fire effect is useful whenever you require similar effects on your pictures. With this tutorial, you can easily create fire effect in photoshop.
preview-create fire in photoshop

Steps to create fire in photoshop

1. Step Click Start >> All Programs >> Adobe Master Collection CS3 / CS4 / CS5 >> Adobe Photoshop CS3 / CS4 / CS5

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step-1-create fire in photoshop

2. Step Now in your Photoshop, click File >> New and in the opened window put width = 500 pixels, height = 500 pixels, resolution = 100 and click OK

step-2-create fire in photoshop

3. Step Select brush tool with foreground color = #666666. Select ‘Airbrush Soft Round 100’. And make a straight line on the document. Hold shift while drawing line to make straight line.
step-3-create fire in photoshop

4. Step Select Smudge tool (Shortcut – R) with brush size = 60 px and strength=30%.
step-4-create fire in photoshop

5. Step Now create a distortion on the line by using Smudge tool. Select Smudge tool, click and drag on the line. Make similar like one shown in the screenshot. Smudge in different brush size. First use smudge with brush size = 60 px and then after smudging use with brush size = 25 px
step-5-create fire in photoshop

6. Step From the menu bar, click Image >> Adjustments >> Color Balance (Shortcut – Ctrl + B)
step-6-create fire in photoshop

7. Select Midtones in the color balance box, and put Cyan=+56, Magenta = -2 and Yellow = -66. See screen shot for details.
step-7-create fire in photoshop

8. Step Select Shadows in the color balance box, and put Cyan=+40, Magenta = 0 and Yellow = -41. See screen shot for details.
step-8-create fire in photoshop

9. Step Lastly, Select Highlights in the color balance box, and put Cyan=+85, Magenta = 0 and Yellow = -65. See screenshot for details.
step-9-create fire in photoshop

10. Step Again create some more distortion to make it look like a fire effect by dragging with smudge tool upwards. Put strength = 50% and brush size = 60px. Make it like the screenshot.
step-10-create fire in photoshop

11. Right click the layer in the layer palette and select ‘Duplicate Layer..’ and click OK.
step-11-create fire in photoshop

12. Click the just duplicated layer and from the blending dropdown menu, select ‘Multiply’.
step-12-create fire in photoshop

13. Select ‘Move Tool’ (Shortcut – V) and move the just duplicated layer a bit than the original layer to give a little real fire effect.
step-13-create fire in photoshop



This fire effect can also be added to text and images too. It looks good to get a fire effect for situation / setting which requires fire effect.

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