Emsa_Disk_Check1 Need to recover your data from scratch CD and DVD? We have scoured the web for various tool to get that job done and recover data easily

Use of Compact Disk and Digital Versatile Disk is increasing in a large scale as time is progressing. While the disks are in use, sometimes scratch can be created on the disk due to mishandlings. After affected by so many scratches the disk becomes unreadable. So the relevant data in the disk must be recovered to preserve the data intact. As the scratched disk is harmful for the lens of the reading machine, you have to use the scratch CD and DVD recovery software for the machine and data both. Best scratch CD and DVD recovery software are Emsa Disk Check, WinX Blu-Ray Decrypter, DVD2one, Sothink DVD EZWorkshop and iSkysoft DVD etc.

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1) Emsa Disk Check


Emsa Disk Check is a recovery software for scratched CD and DVD. Using this software you can recover scratched CDs and DVDs, other side it can be used for benchmarking. The use of this software is very simple and it is very reliable. The main advantage of this software is that it is free software and it is very small in size also.

2) WinX Blu-Ray Decrypter


WinX Blu-Ray Decrypter is CD and DVD scratch recovery software developed by Digiarty Software Inc. Besides of CD and DVD scratch recovery it can also recover the scratch of Blu-Ray disks. The working speed of this software is very high; it can copy and recover a total Blu-Ray cd within only 25 minutes. This software is compatible with not only 2D disks but also with 3D Blu-Ray disks. This software has guaranteed 100% HD quality output. Various title modes and full disk mode is supported by this software. This software is available in English. Users have a very good rating for this software.

3) DVD2one


DVD2one has good recordable speed. This software is developed by Erwin van den Berg. By using this software you can recover the total disk or any particular part of a disk. The video compressing tool of this software is very authentic. This software is not based on existing opensource projects, old code or libraries. This software is also featured with various audio premaster features. DVD player, media player and PS3 USB HDD are the included feature of this software.

4) Sothink DVD EZWorkshop


This CD and DVD scratch recovery software can converts video format also. To make fit DVD5 disks this software can Copy DVDs and shrink DVD9 movies. This software can create a clone image, burn CD and DVDs. The main advantage of this software is that it does its work without any type of quality loss of the video.

iSkysoft DVD Copy Pro


iSkysoft DVD Copy Pro is another scratch recovery software, you can use to recover scratched disks. It can be also used for burning disks. You can Copy DVDs to DVD-Rs by using this software also. This software supports new released DVDs and has extensive output support. The main advantage of this software is that it has DVD menu selection option and it is very easy to use.

These are the most popular CD and DVD scratch recovery software for Windows 7.