Temp files can consume a lot of disk space. It’s a good idea to regularly clean them


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People are already anxious on how to save disk space on their Windows 8 editions. Low disk space is one of the most common problems faced by many users.

Many amongst you might not be computer experts so when low disk space message shows up, you could up end deleting favorite movies, songs and much more. Isn’t that disappointing? Worry not. Read this tutorial as it is geared toward saving windows disk space. Before we begin, let me mention that we will not be using any type of 3rd party softwares.

We shall not be working with any 3rd party software, but using Windows’s own native Disk Cleanup to clean up our hard disk for empty spaces.

1. Step On Desktop, click Computer and right click C:\

Click on Computer

2. StepRight click C:\ drive and select Disk Cleanup

Right Click C

3. StepClick Clean System files. You would require admin privileges for this task. Click Allow and let the utility get rid of all temporary internet files and other useless files on your system to get rid of used space.

4. StepAnother method is to get rid of your temporary files by manually deleting them. Press Windows Hot Key + R to initiate Run. Now type in %temp% and it would open up the temporary folder as below:

Type temp in run

temp files

5. StepPress Ctrl + A to select all files, and hit del on your keyboard. This frees up a lot of unused space on your system.