Changing the screensaver in Windows 7 starter is possible. It may not be possible to change it via a right-click on the desktop, but you can certainly change it and it’s certainly not as difficult as changing the desktop picture in Windows 7 Starter. Here’s the quickest way how to change it!

How to change screensaver in Windows 7 Starter

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Changing the screensaver works very similar as you might know it from other Windows 7 editions, but in Windows 7 starter you will

1. Step Click on Start
2. Step Enter screensaver into the search field
3. Step Click on Change screen saver at the top

Change Screensaver Windows 7 Starter

4. Step You can now change your screensaver. Select a good one!

Change Windows 7 Starter Screensaver

5. Step Download additional Windows 7 starter screensaver from our site here.

Windows 7 Starter does include all default Windows 7 screensaver, so you won’t have to download any of the default Windows 7 screensaver. You can even use some cool free tools to customize your default Windows 7 starter screensaver

Customize Windows 7 Starter Screensaver

Ribbons Dual Monitor Screensaver

Installing new screensavers in Windows 7 Starter

If you want to install new screensavers, simply copy the .scr file to C:\Windows\system32 and the srceensaver will automatically appear in the list of screensavers, which you can then select.

Shortcut to screensaver

It’s always handy to have a shortcut to access the screensaver. If you want to do this on your PC, you can follow our guide:

Shortcut to screensaver

How to create a shortcut to screensaver

Change desktop background in Windows 7 Starter

Change desktop background wallpaper in Windows 7

If you not only want to change your screensaver, but also your desktop background, read this guide:

How to change your desktop background in Windows 7 Starter