If your PC crashed and you lost some data you can use data recovery software to recover it. We reviewed 5 different tools that could give a try.

Files get deleted. It is just a part of the world of computers. Sometimes, the deletion is intentional but regretted. Other times, it was as a result of a virus, partition movement, or other mistake. In both cases, though, the task of recovering the lost data can be tedious and frustrating. Using one of the following tools can streamline the data recovery process, making sure that the correct file is recovered easily, quickly, and without frustration.

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1 Easeus Data Recovery Wizard – Free Edition

Data Recovery Software By Easeus Recovery Wizard

The Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition 8.6 from Easeus is one of the best tools for 2015, particularly for novice users. Its user interface is simple and intuitive, and the wizard-like format takes users through the recovery process step by step. The software supports a multitude of formats, including FAT12, FAT16, FAT 32, NTFS/NTFS5, and EXT2/EXT3. It can recover files when they have been removed from the Recycle Bin, or lost due to formatting, partition issues, a virus, or a complete system crash.

2 VirtualLab Data Recovery

Virtuallab Data Recovery.jpeg 1
VirtualLab Data Recovery may be on the pricier end of the list of data recovery software, but satisfied users say the price is well worth it. The program is easy to install and supports many more files than the average data recovery software. It can recover data lost due to corrupted files, power loss, virus, formatted drives, partitioning changes, bad sectors, and more. Photos, external drives, emails, and other files can all be recovered using VirtualLab Data Recovery.

4 Handy Recovery

Handy Recovery 1
As its name implies, Handy Recovery is a handy little device that makes it easy to recover lost, deleted, or corrupted files. Files from CF, SM, and SD cards can all be recovered and the convenient preview window shows the content of the deleted files. The software has a 30 day free trial, with a limit of one file recovered per day. After the trial is up, though, users will have to purchase the program to reap its benefits for $49.

5 TOKIWA Data Recovery – Free Tool

Tokiwa Data Recovery 1
TOKIWA’s Data Recovery is completely free and does not require any installation to run, two features which make it one of the best free picks. The program does not have any extras or frills, but it has a straightforward and easy to follow user interface. It searches selected drives to find the file and then offers the choice of restoring them or deleting them completely.

If you’ve lost a file due to computer or human error, use one of the above listed tools. The programs will search for any lost or deleted files and give you the option of restoring it so the data is no longer lost.