LG Electronics mobile has recently launched the G-Slate, an 8.9 inch Android Tablet touch screen. It uses a touch controller chip from Amtel maXTouch.
LG G-Slate

The LG 8.9 inch touch screen runs on Android 3.0 Honeycomb, which has been developed with tablet use in mind. Available from T-Mobile in the US, the G-Slate is powered by Atmel’s mXT1386 maXTouch trouch controller solution and NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 1GHz processor. Allowing up to 10 simultaneous points of touch to be used at the same time, it gives users the chance to really get their ‘finger’ on the slate. The slate device comes with a 6,400 mAh battery, 5M pixel 3D camera and weighs only 620g.

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LG sure has its reasons for having selected Atmel. The company is well known for several good reasons. maXTouch claims industry-leading multi-touch capability; low power consumption; fastest response time; and the highest signal-to-noise ratio which is sensitive to the slightest of touch by the finger nail, or even fingers in gloves — which can easily become a selling point for certain regions. Atmel maXTouch has the capability to detect unintended touches too like grips and palm rejection etc., which are absolutely necessary for touch devices to be frustration-proof for the user.

“Since G-Slate PC tablet is LG Electronics Mobile’s first entry into the tablet market, we wanted to ensure we chose the best touch technology on the market today – Atmel maXTouch solutions,” said Simon Ji, Ph.D, principal research engineer of LG Electronics. “By choosing Atmel maXTouch solutions, our consumers can experience a superior touchscreen experience including better responsiveness, battery life and true multi-touch capability on our 8.9-inch G-Slate tablet.”

Atmel is also well known for its touch controllers not only for tablets but also netbooks, and MIDs.

Jon Kiachian, senior director of touch marketing, Atmel Corporation, said “We are excited our maXTouch solution will power the G-Slate tablet from LG Electronics Mobile,”

“The selection of Atmel maXTouch for LG Electronics Mobiles’ G-Slate is further testament that Atmel is a leading provider in the rapidly growing touch market for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.” — he added.