Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player 12 If you want to know how to add lyrics to the Windows Media Player 11 or 12, here’s a great plugin that will add the lyrics hassle-free.

1. Step First, download the Lyrics Plugin

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2. Step Install the Lyrics plugin

3. StepAt the end of the installation you’re asked to start the Windows Media Player, confirm it.

4. StepRight-click on the gray bar at the top (right from Library, Music, etc.) and select “Show menu bar” or hold down CTRL + M.

Windows Media Player Menu Bar

5. StepGo to Tools/Plugins and check the Plugin “Lyrics Plugin” (this can be already checked)

Windows Media Player Lyrics Plugin

6. Step Play a track

7. Step Click on View / Now Playing or hold down CTRL + 3

8. StepThe small Windows Media Player will now display the lyrics of the track:

Add Lyrics to Windows Media Player 12

9. Step Grab the Windows 7 Lyrics gadget and you can display the lyrics always on top in a small Windows 7 sidebar gadget!

You have now successfully added lyrics to the Windows Media Player 11 or 12. Because this plugin doesn’t allow you to add lyrics to Windows Media Player 12 *manually*, there will be a second part of this guide shortly.