Got an earworm on Youtube listening to a track and you simply can’t stop listening to it? Well, then you might want to know how to loop a Youtube video!

How to loop a youtube video

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To loop a Youtube video you don’t have to do much, Youtube is basically anything you need. There are various plugins that allow you to loop a Youtube video indefinitely, however it’s also quite easy to do it manually. So, let’s first look at the manual way to loop Youtube videos and then we might try out some Youtube apps to loop videos.

How to loop Youtube videos: The manual way

A normal Youtube video URL looks like this one here:

However, you can also access the Youtube video directly and open it in a fullscreen flash-mode that allows you to pass parameters like loop and autoplay via the URL.

So, if you want to loop a Youtube video, simply rewrite the URL a little bit to make it looks like this:

What changed? Remove watch?v= and replace it with v/, then add the parameters &loop=1 and &autoplay=1 at the end of the URL

How to loop a Youtube video: The easy way

There are some website that allow you to loop youtube video by enterting the Youtube video URL. We will soon add this feature to  our free Youtube video converter and will notify you here about the looping feature.