HDDMeter gadget picture Looking for a powerful gadget to help you manage your hard drive space? Look no farther!


This great hard drive manager gives you tons of information about your drive and is even customizable! The gadget lists the name of the drive, letter of the drive, space free (in GB), space used (in GB), total space (in GB), and an exact percentage of the drive in use. Double clicking on the drive will activate the gadget’s shortcut function; by default, this is the C: drive, but can be customized to your preference!

HDDMeter gadget options

The options window lets you choose which drive you’d like to monitor, as well as offering over a hundred different background choices for the gadget! You can also customize the gadget’s shortcut option to your own destination. What a handy gadget!

File Download

Know of a place on your desktop where it might come in handy? Download it below:

Download HDDMeter Gadget