Slimdrivers Free4 Do you have corrupt drivers and don’t know how to re-install them, then try the following utilities. However, keep in mind we encourage everyone to re-install drivers manually

When a driver becomes corrupted, it can be a huge annoyance, prompting you to uninstall and reinstall them, and even then it may not fix the problem. Many people don’t want to go through the annoyance of finding and updating corrupted drivers, and wish for a an easy solution. There are tons of programs for this online, but are any of them worth your time?

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Stop: Uninstall and Reinstall them Yourself. Seriously.

While this article is about the best software, the real truth is that most programs which purport to repair drivers are scams. These programs are often full of malware, viruses and other unsavory things. 99% of utilities which claim to update drivers are, in the best case scenario, ineffectual, and it would have been easier to do it yourself.

At the worst, it can do damage to your system which may cost hundreds in repairs. It is in your best interest to make an honest attempt at uninstalling and reinstalling your driver, and when that doesn’t work, contacting the manufacturer.

1 Slimdrivers Free

Slimdrivers Free

This is one of the few that appears to be totally clean. Not only that, but it has a decent amount of functions which work. When you install Slimdrivers, it scans your system and creates a profile which keeps track of all of your various hardware.

Every time it runs afterward it knows exactly what you need. Not only does it download the driver, but unzips it and begins the installation process for you. You may need to come back to the installation screen periodically to move the installation along, but other than that, it’s remarkably hands off. Even then, it may miss a lot of updates.

2 Windows Updater

Windows Updater

This utility takes care of both the install of the new and the uninstall of the old. You can also use it to roll back changes that don’t work out and back up the drivers that do. The software also can be set up to update the drivers on a periodic, automatic basis.

This is a pretty good utility, however, the free version only allows one download at a time, and as a result can be painfully slow. The paid version allows more downloads to happen at once, but the free version isn’t totally crippled by the slow download and may still be worth your time.

3 Driver Magician

Driver Magician

If you hate repairing and updating drivers so much you’re willing to pay $30 for a program to do it for you, driver magician is that program. However, don’t get your wallet out just yet. This paid program has less functionality than some of the free programs looked at in this list. It lacks an automatic updater, and it often misses a bunch of the necessary updates.

The one pro is that it is definitely safe and will not harm your system.
The best solution so far for a guaranteed fix is to either uninstall and reinstall a broken driver yourself or to contact some kind of tech support if this is beyond you. While there are some totally benign driver installer programs, you need to pay for them and the ones which are scams tend to cause damage so costly that it’s simply not worth the gamble for most users.