FreshBooks1 Small Businesses around the world rely on Billings Pro, but you should be aware of the competition, as there are quite a few Cloud programs that make billing so much easier

For any sort of sale, there must be an invoice of some sort. With the focus on mobile data in the business world, many people are turning to apps like Billings Pro, which prints professional-looking invoices through just a few taps of the screen. This can help form the look of your company and brand, but you need to make sure you examine every option before settling on one type of software. Some of the best alternatives to Billings Pro can be found below.

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1) FreshBooks


Utilizing cloud computing technology, FreshBooks focuses on trying to support freelancers and small businesses. The app comes with tips to help those individuals in addition to business support. This program provides invoice printing options and also has options that allow you to easily capture your expenses and store them in a larger database. Using the tracking systems of this program, you can keep an account of all your sales and be better prepared for tax time. The cloud technology makes it easier to create backups then many alternatives, too.

2) Invoiceberry


A smaller set of software that deals specifically with invoices and quotes, Invoiceberry is a web-based program designed to make the life of small business owners easier. In addition to its main function as an invoice creator, the program also gas options that allow you to print expense reports and set reminders to keep track of missed payments. The software has support on Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems, meaning that virtually anybody can make use of it. There are also mobile apps available allowing you to put this information on your smartphone or tablet.

3) Harvest


Harvest is an app designed for Macs, iPhones, and Android devices. It can also be utilized online for those who are looking for a non-mobile alternative. This program is very simple to install but is quite powerful in terms of function. It provides a number of different invoice and expense tracking options. It also features several useful items that can help improve overall workflow, such as a time tracking option that can help you keep track of your staff’s hours or graphical reports that provide an overview of how your company spends resources.

4) InaInvoice


Another mobile-focused app, InaInvoice provides estimates, invoices, and order notes with a professional look that can be designed to match your company’s logo. You can use this technology to record customer information, giving you easy access to your repeat customers and clients. The program also comes with support for international customers, providing some foreign language translation and converting foreign currency into US dollars. To top it all off, this program has an excellent search database, allowing you to find old invoices in just a few seconds.

The programs listed above can make sure that key applications run smoothly and effectively at all times, restarting automatically in the case of a crash. By testing out these alternatives, you can make sure you are getting the program that will fit your needs and desires.