Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials make it easy for beginners to protect themselves. Advanced users may want to try a 3rd-party software.
Windows Firewall State

Tip: Advanced users should try an external 3rd-party firewall to protect. Firewalls that I can recommend are AVG, Agnitum and ZoneAlarm (partly) – the latter one makes a lot of problems on some systems. Anyway, on Windows 8 only AVG works as of right now (16 April 2012)

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Windows like any other OS is at risk of getting attacked by hackers. Through all versions of Windows ever introduced by the Redmond giant, Microsoft is addressing issues with regular updates of Windows with security fixes, and bug updates from Microsoft. The company is trying all that it can to protect its customers from getting attacked.

Although there is no fool-proof method of avoiding hackers, including the best antivirus programs, the following method should be of help to you in dramatically reducing the risks of getting attacked.



1. Step Initiate Run by pressing Windows Hot Key + R . Now type Control Panel and press Enter on your keyboard to open up Control Panel.

Type Control Panel and press Enter to bring up Control Panel

2. Step Now scroll all the way to the bottom and find Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.

Scroll down to check Windows Defender and Windows Firewall

3. Step You would now need to open both of these one by one to make sure that all security settings are up to date. This ensures that your system is free from viruses, spyware, and Trojans. First, open the Windows Firewall . Make sure that the Private Network is connected, the Windows Firewall State: is On. Green check marks indicates that you have enabled the Windows Firewall to do the security job for your PC and it is actively working.

Check Windows Firewall status

4. Step Go back to the Control Panel by pressing the backspace key on your keyboard. Now access Windows Defender. Your Real Time Protection should be On. In case your database is out of date, make sure to update it by clicking Update and then scanning the entire system for any viruses to remove them.

Windows Defender options


Windows Defender and Windows Firewall are two interconnected applications that can be accessed via the Control panel to make sure that your system security settings are adjusted the way Microsoft wants you to do so that you can be safe from hackers, Trojans and viruses. Although no method, including the installation of the latest anti-virus product is fool-proof, these methods ensure a higher protection than leaving it on Off and having no security tools at all.