Buying Hd Tv Where Is The Best Place_thumb Buying a television these days is not just simply an entertainment purchase, it is an investment. You should know consider WHERE you buy your TV and where you get your warranty

With some televisions costing in the thousands of dollars range, it is best to know what options are out there and who is safe to buy from. Here are some of the most popular options for buyers located in the US:

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Buying Hd Tv Where Is The Best Place

1 Best Buy


Best Buy has become a name brand that is familiar and has a solid reputation. The store is an electronics retailer and was named Company of the Year in 2004 by Forbes magazine. The company has both brick and mortar stores as well as a strong online presence and offers a variety of HD TVs like a low-end 22 inch Westinghouse for under $200 to a Samsung Smart 3D TV for around $2500. It is fair to say that Best Buy is up to date when offering retail technology, quality and customer satisfaction.

2 PC Richard’s and Son

PC Richard’s and Son are based mainly in the north east, but is the biggest family operated electronics retailer in the U.S. In 2009 the company bought out several Circuit City stores in an attempt to expand and become more competitive with larger known stores like Best Buy. PC Richard’s offers HD television brands such as Sunbrite, Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Coby Electronics. These product prices range from a 15 inch LED HDTV for $31 (on sale) to a Samsung 75 inch for just under $9,000.

3 Amazon

Hdtvs On Amazon_thumb

In one national survey, Amazon ranked number 2 as a large HDTV retailer. Amazon is strictly an online company, which can be intimidating to people that have a need to see, feel, or touch the television before purchasing it. However, Amazon’s reputation for quality and excellence has made it a solid place for large financial purchases. Because of the infinite networking capabilities, Amazon may have the largest selection of TVs with even less popular brands like Sansui, Naxan, or Seiki.

4 Walmart

Hdtv Pn Walmart_thumb

Walmart is definitely a big player when it comes to being a retail chain, but only average as an electronics dealer. Because the store sells all kinds of products, the selection and quality someone will find there may not be as high as places like Best Buy and PC Richard’s. The store does have some decent offers, however, with products like the Samsung 46 inch LED-LCD 1080p 240Hz HDTV. The best sellers for this establishment are typically the $500 or less range HGTVs.

4 Sam’s Club and Costco

Sam’s Club and Costco are two other general proprietors that offer an array of products but a limited range of electronics. Even though these are warehouse stores, a buyer can find quality and usually larger sized HD televisions. A popular purchase at Sam’s is the 60 inch Vizio Razor LED 1080p 120Hz Smart HDTV for under $1,000. Costco also has top sellers, including a Sharp Aquos 80 inch 1080p 120Hz Full Array LED LCD HDTV for less than $4,500. Just because these are wholesale stores, they can’t be counted out for top notch electronics and HD televisions.

Whenever someone chooses to buy a television, it is important to make sure the store is knowledgeable about the items and makes clear any return, damage, or repair polices that would be relevant for the costumer to know.