Rapidshare Premium Link Generator 2010Are you looking for a working Rapidshare Premium Link Generator for 2010? There aren’t many premium link generators that work, that’s why I created a website for you to generate rapidshare premium links. You will be downloading directly from a rapidshare premium account with a really great speed. The service will be free, so enjoy the fast download speeds!

Hopefully, later this week we will be launching a service that will allow you to get your very own rapidshare premium accounts for free, then you won’t need any generator at all!

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Rapidshare Premium Accounts

Many people daily use youtube, google, wikipedia … and rapidshare. Therefore many of you are always in need of Rapidshare Premium Link generators. A rapidshare premium account has many great advantages:

  • Fast download speed from rapidshare.com
  • Simultaneous downloads
  • No waiting time, instant downloads from rapidshare
  • Download resume
  • Support for direct downloads and download managers
  • Unlimited RS downloads

Rapidshare hosts many files, but if you don’t own a premium account you will have to wait a minute before you can start your download. Then it will be extremely slow and you can’t even download files simultaneously.

How to download from rapidshare simultaneously?

Rapidshare file size limit:
Often rapidshare files are splitted. The file size limit is about 200MB, so you will have to download each file separately. That’s a bit annoying, but it’s even more annoying without a premium account, because free accounts don’t support simultaneous downloads with JDownloader.

Downloading files simultaneously from rapidshare becomes really easy with some fancy tools like JDownloader:
JDownloader Free Download

Free Rapidshare Premium Link Generator

Many premium link generators will limit your daily numbers of downloads. Our own link generator won’t have any limits for now and you can generate as many links as you need.

Free Rapidshare Premium Link Generator 2010

Download From Rapidshare Premium Account
Rapidshare Premium Link Generator 2010

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