Windows 8 Pro Pack_thumb2 Alright, you can download the Media Center for free! That is if you are on Windows 8 Pro and you hurry up, then you can download it from Microsoft

Microsoft is having lots of incentives for early birds. Everyone who buys a copy of Windows 8 Pro can get Windows Media Center for free until January 31st, 2013! This is a great offer for all Pro users.

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1. Step Head over to


2. Step Scroll down and you will find a box where you can enter your e-Mail to receive a free Windows Media Center package for Windows 8 Pro (sorry, this does not work on the regular Windows 8)

Adding Windows Media Center To Windows 8 Pro

3. Step Open your email inbox to receive further instructions

4. Step We will update this as soon as we receive our e-mail to download the Media Center package – apparently it can take up to 24 hours. Possibly they are doing manual checks on this to avoid that some users can get a free copy of Media Center

I’m a little surprised Microsoft even considered charging for the Media Center. People have been switching to free and better alternatives constantly and now that Microsoft is charging for it, there could be even less users. However, it’s true the Media Center is the ultimate streaming and entertainment center, especially for Xbox users. We have a very extensive guide on how to use the Media Center to stream content to Xbox