Looking for a good video capturing software for Windows 7? Try one of the following 5 tools!
Best Video Capturing Software for Windows 7

Almost every computer comes with the ability to play movies, but creating movies often requires a separate program. The best video capture software for Windows 7 is a program that can save movies in a number of file formats, allows for the editing of completed videos, and/or can upload videos directly to YouTube or other websites. Of course, a free trial version, intuitive user interface and customizable options are great as well.

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Debut Video Capture Software

Debut’s video capture software allows users to capture just about anything from their computer screens. It can save videos in a large number of formats and can also save pictures as JPEGs. Users have the option of capturing the whole screen but only choosing to save a small window, which greatly reduces the need for post-capture editing. Videos can be sent through email or via FTP directly from the software. Debut will detect if there is other video capture software installed on the computer and if there isn’t, they will automatically configure themselves.

My Screen Recorder

My Screen Recorder has a user friendly design that makes it easy to work with. It begins recording with the push of a big red button and stops as soon as the stop button or hot key is pressed. My Screen Recorder has a lot of options for customizability. Users can choose whether the output should be in AVI or WMA, whether the input should be full screen or just a small region, and whether to record audio, video, or both. Once the recording is complete, users can use the audio tuning wizard to adjust playback volume or they can choose to add custom visual effects.

BSR Soft

BSR screen recorder allows users to set output format to AVI, SWF, WMV, or even EXE. There are both 2D and 3D zooming features, and a particular area or region of the screen can be selected to be captured. There is the ability to record subtitles, and users have the choice of adding or mixing sounds and narration. Other editing options include the ability to change video speeds, dimensions and compressions, or even join videos. For first time users, BSR Soft features step by step, easy to understand instructions on how to record and edit video.

Webcam Video Capture

The software’s name is a bit confusing, since it does not actually capture video from the computer’s webcam. It is a webcam simulator and will capture whatever is playing on the screen. Other than the title confusion, Webcam is incredibly user friendly, even for people who aren’t technologically savvy. All or part of the screen can be captured and the captured video can be saved in either AVI or WMV. The captured video has no A/V syncing errors or stuttering frames. Webcam video capture ignores programs that don’t allow copying and captures the video anyways.


HyperCam is definitely not the best video capture software of Windows 7. The only benefit of the program is that it can capture video and save it to AVI format. However, it is also infected with spyware that changes the internet browser homepage to somoto.com. The download also adds a toolbar, even if the option is deselected during custom installation. This is not a wise choice for video capture software and is only included on the list of best video capture software for Windows 7 as a word or warning to people who might be considering downloading it.
The best video capture software for Windows 7 may be an expensive piece of software, but most of the programs offer a free trial. Be forewarned, though, that video created with the free trial will be imprinted with a watermark. However, the trial is a great way to test which of the above programs work best without risking any monetary loss.