Ever wondered if it’s possible to speed up the file transfer rate of Windows 7? Well, there are download managers that can help you to speed up the download transfer rate, so why shouldn’t it be possible to speed up the file transfer rate? The Windows copying process isn’t the fastest after all.

Speed up Windows 7 File Transfer

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To speed up the Windows 7 file transfer rate, you will need a tool that is faster than the built-in Windows copying process. After doing some research I found many, but I want to present the fastest here:

Extreme Copy File Transfer

ExtremeCopy is the tool that I am using. It might not look very modern, but it fully supports Windows 7 x32 and x64!

Faster File Transfer

You can copy your files and folders through a simple user interface where you select the old file and the destination. The clue? It’s more efficient and faster. This can be handy for copying large files. I am not talking about MB, I am talking about GB! If you ever copied files that are larger than 10GB then you will appreciate a fast file transfer rate.

Copying to USB drives? Speed it up!
You might also want to speed up your Windows 7 file transfer rate when you copy files to a USB, USB2 or USB3 device. Yep, USB3.0 is already blazing fast, but with some handy tools you can copy files even faster and speed up the whole copying process.

The latest version of ExtremeCopy (1.5.1) will not only speed up your Windows 7 file transfer, it will also copy files a lot more reliable and create log files to quickly identify any problems.

Download ExtremeCopy

ExtremeCopy is available as a free and pro edition, both can be downloaded from Easersoft.com

Download ExtremeCopy 1.5.1. and speed up Windows 7 file transfer

More ways to speed up Windows 7

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