Privacy software and security tools have never been more popular. Soon the entire internet will be encrypted, private and 100% protected from prying eyes. New technology based on various emerging protocols (bitcoin, ethereum) will revolutionize the internet, but all of that is still “work in progress”. In the meantime, it is a good idea you follow some best practices to secure your PC and make it more private. We have compiled a list of useful guides to make your computer NSA and hacker-proof.

NSA-Proof Computer – 9 Parts

Privacy Guides: Tracking Cookies / DOM Storage

Cookies are used on 99% of all sites, but are frequently cleaned. DOM Storage on the other hand is not cleaned so frequently and can help companies to track you.


Privacy Tools: Tor, OpenVPN, Hotspot

There are many tools to stay anonymous and to clean your tracks, here’s a short selection: