Last year we had a great Christmas giveaway. This year we are giving away 1 game per day, 3 copies of GlaryUtilities and 3 copies of Minecraft. You don’t really have to do much to participate, so what are you waiting for?

Christmas Giveaway 2010

Click here to join - Rare NFTs and Play-to-Earn Games or Read my review first!

Main Giveaway: 1 Game A Day

Christmas Giveaway Games

Thanks to Steam we are giving away a lot of games this year. Every day we will select one of the comments on this page (this particular page only, so post your tricks below) and send you a free game via Steam. You can select the game yourself, but only if there are still copies left. What are we giving away?

  • 6 x Portal
  • 9 x Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West
  • 8 x Trine

How to participate? Post a useful comment below, that can be your favorite Windows 7 trick/tweak or that can be anything else Windows 7 related.

When: Starts today. 1 game will be given away every day (with delay of 24 hours). On December 24th we are giving away all copies that are left.

3 Copies Of Minecraft

Get Minecraft For Free

How to participate? Click here: Post a comment related to Minecraft here.

3 Copies Of Glary Utilities

Speed Up Windows 7

Upload a Windows 7 theme to our site and win a copy of Glary Utilities! All you have to do is to create a .themepack on Windows 7 and upload it to rapidshare or other uploading sites, then post your link here. Thanks goes out to GlarySoft for sponsoring this.

How to participate? Click here: Post a link to your uploaded .themepack file here.