Ll_advanced Options File Types_preview 150PxThe Windows 7 index makes your searches faster by caching paths, but in some cases you may want to remove certain file types from this index to pre-filter your search results. You can do this via lusrmgr.msc  – more below

1. StepExecute Run, type Control Panel and press Enter

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Control Panel in Run

2. StepClick Indexing Options

Indexing options

3. StepClick Advanced

Click Advanced button in Indexing Options

4. StepClick on File Types tab and check/uncheck any and all file extensions that you want to index. Moreover if you are unable to find any specific file extension, add it by entering the extension and pressing Add. For example, doc and click on Add

Advanced Options

1. StepExecute Run and type lusrmgr.msc and press Enter.

Type Lusrmgr.msc in Run and press OK

2. StepNow in the left pane, click Users and then right click Administrator in the right pane

Right click administrator

3. StepUncheck Account is disabled. This way you would be able to enable the admin account.

Uncheck Account is disabled and then click OK