RealWorld_Cursor_Editor1 CursorFX is great, but what other programs are there to create really cool-looking desktop cursors for your Windows PC?

CursorFX is a free program with limited functionality that allows the user to create customized graphic mouse cursors. The free program functionality is fairly limited, however, and there are a number of free programs that offer the same sort of features.

1)RealWorld Cursor Editor


RealWorld Cursor Editor is a free program that allows users to create custom cursors for the Windows operating system.

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Advantages:This program allows users to create custom cursors using almost any format of image file, including animated GIFs. It is fairly easy to use, providing that the user has a basic working knowledge of making graphics and animations.

Disadvantages: Without knowledge of graphics, the program can be difficult to use. Basic users may be able to create static cursors, but may find making animated ones out of their reach.

Official Site:

2)Art Cursors


Art Cursors is a commercial Windows cursor design program.

Advantages: This program allows users to create customized cursors pixel by pixel. It is ideal for even the least artistic person because it is a fairly basic design system.

Disadvantages:The program only offers a 30-day free trial. After the trial period has ended, users can choose to purchase the program for a single onetime payment of $39.95.

Official Site:


Cursor_cc1 is a free cursor design website.

Advantages: This web-based cursor design program allows users to design custom cursors for their Windows computers. This site shows a real time display of what the finished cursor will look like as the user works on it. It also gives the user the option to both download and use the cursor, and to publish it under a public license.

Disadvantages: Once finished, the cursors must be downloaded to the user’s computer. There is no other way to save the work that a user has completed within the website itself.

Official Site:



MobileFish is a free web-based cursor design tool.

Advantages: This website allows users to create static 32×32 cursors for free. It is designed to allow users to make detailed images that can then be downloaded into compatible cursor files.

Disadvantages:: This design tool can be a little more difficult to use, as it has a bit of a learning curve. While it has tools to move, duplicate and mirror cells, each cell has to be filled in individually instead of users being able to click and drag to create the lines and shapes that are desired. As with the other online websites, there is no way to save the cursors other than downloading them once they are complete.

Official Site:



JustCursors is a free program for creating static mouse cursors.

Advantages: The program is very simple and easy to use, even for those who are not terribly technologically inclined. It is a basic program, but it does its job.

Disadvantages: While it is good for throwing together a quick cursor for personal use, it is not going to be something that users could employ for creating professional cursors. In addition, the program does not allow users to import image files, or, oddly enough, to undo a previous action. The undo features erases everything that was done since the last save.

Official Site:

For anyone who wishes to customize every aspect of their computers, these programs and sites are ideal. Creating cursors is not as hard as people may think.